Teeth Whitening

Are your teeth not as white as they could be?
A whitening treatment may be for you

The combination of age and stains can leave you with a smile that's not as white as it could be. If you feel like your teeth of gotten a little dull over the years, and regular dental care isn't giving you the sparkle you want, then maybe you should consider all of your options. Excelsior Dental Care has a number of amazing whitening processes to give you a noticeable difference!
• Whitening • Bleaching • At-home kits

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Talk to us about your
whitening options

With different toes of teeth whitening solutions available, it's important to make sure you're getting the most effective procedure for your individual needs.

Before your teeth whitening process, our staff will clearly explain all of your choices so you can make an informed, comfortable decision about your whitening needs and goals.